Art of Angie Leii

Dream work at DreamWorks 🌉🌉

mes amis lisant (11.16.17)

Trying to learn the magic of IPhone photography… welp, there’s no magic learned. XD

Enhanced with Lightroom 🙂 Featuring Rosette Paderanga and Joshua Rey Aninipo.



Encounter Retreat (10.15.17)


Sparkling Waters (9.3.17)

Finally tried to take some pictures with water. And it was a success. Did it in my own shower and made my camera water resistant. It was dark, so I had to use a flash and it made a great effect, making the photo have a blue color effect.
PS: I take some of my inspiration from Natasha (@deanastacia on instagram), Cole Sprouse and Melanie Martinez’ photographs  ❤

Innocence (09.03.17)


An unexpected photoshoot and grainy photos… Though the noise added some story to the photos.

Finding yourself in a quiet building and taking the opportunity. Remember to always bring your camera. Imagination plays unexpectedly 😉

Femme louche (6.7.17)

After layers of editing, this is the best I could come up. Though the last photo is a bit off. Below are raw photos, and what the river actually looks like.

Twin Souls (6.7.17)


Thank you Team 😀

Models: Eiella Ruelan and Kristen Go


The Perfect Light (4.24.17)


Sleepless (4.24.17)

This is how I take photographs knowing that I didn’t get any sleep. For a reason, I waited for the sun to rise. And why I waited for the sunrise, well… not to take a walk nor meditate. Next post will explain it 🙂



Squad ❤ (3.28.17)

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